Gelli srl industrial carpentry, sheet metal laser cutting, sheet metal cutting, sheet metal bending


GELLI is located in the heart of Tuscany, between Siena and Florence, and our company has been operating since 1976 in the "sheet metal working" field.
We supply customized laser cutting items, and furthermore we produce bended and welded plates.
In order to supply to our customers a fully finished carpentry product, we cooperate with qualified independent companies for different works such as turning and milling, painting, zinc-coating, thermal treatments, various surface treatments.
We are able to supply to our customers the simple laser cut plates, such as parts more or less complex, up to the complete carpentry of the machinery.
Our customers consider us as a perfect partner for our reliability and quality, and for our punctuality in deliveries.

Our personnel

Our team of employees is composed of 18 people, dedicated to the following sectors:
- 1 administration
- 5 technical office and quality
- 1 transport and delivery
- 2 laser cutting
- 4 bending
- 4 welding
- 1 sales
- 1 various