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Quickness, quality, and punctuality in delivery time

The way we handle our work allows us to be very quick in the production of sheet metal items.

We ship all over Italy by our means of transport or by selected reliable forwarders. Reliability, solidity, quality and maximum punctuality in scheduled delivery time have been distinguishing our company since the beginning of our activity.

Our production time:

Delivery time of sheet metal with different additional working as welding, etc., may change depending on their complexity. Delivery time may range from a minimum of 7 working days to a maximum of 40 working days.

Depending on our customers' location, mainly situated in the centre north, consider from 1 to 3 additional days due to transport to the above mentioned delivery times.

Special consideration for international deliveries that may change from one country to another, besides the forwarders' required times. Consider, where required, custom clearing, and delivery time of local forwarders.